Airports – What’s Not to Love?

Just a quick note about airports. I love them. The hustle and bustle, people walking with a purpose, the constant thrum of rolling suitcases and beeping security scanners whooshing planes and intercom announcements. The sense of comfort in convenience stores and newsstands and coffee shops that persist worldwide, and the feeling after going through security when you can’t turn back. You’re in now. You’re going somewhere.


Coffee Roundup: Paris

“French coffee is undrinkable.” “There is no coffee culture in Paris.” “They like Starbucks!” These were the refrains I heard over and over in the week leading up to a recent trip to Paris. Not surprisingly, they mostly came from Italians. I was skeptical – how can an […]


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Rolling hills of soft, chocolate covered soil as far as we could see, interrupted only by light patches of straw and the occasional herd of sheep sped by through the windows of the bus. For miles and miles we drove through these hills, taller mountains in the distance, […]

Very Important Life Lesson: Spend as much time on the beach as possible!

26 Lessons for 26 Years

I turned 26 over the weekend and have been alternating between ‘I’m still so young!’ and panic attacks. It’s been an eventful two and a half decades, and I’ve learned a few life lessons. Some are generic, some are sentimental, all are true. Travel. Travel, travel, travel, travel. […]


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